Frequently Asked Questions

Health Professional – FAQs

Patient’s can browse services by specialty or health professional name.
Have you set your availability? Go to main dashboard > My Availability > Select time zone > From date/To date> From Time/To time > Which days to include.
You can take an appointment from any private location. Keep in mind that you cannot take an appointment with anyone else in the room with you. To ensure patient privacy, we recommend taking appointments from your home or office with the door closed.
It is recommended to leave your phone available while expecting a consultation. PhenixHealth will contact the device that you most recently signed in too. Please check your notification settings for your smart phone. For urgent issues please contact PhenixHealth team on 1300 900 863.
Please call us on 1300 900 863 and have your registered email address ready.
If you do not approve a booking before the appointment time, it will be moved by our admin team to another doctor. It is best practice to accept an appointment ASAP to prevent missing appointment/patients.
You can view pending appointments in My Messages. Go to Main Dashboard > My Messages > Appointments. Here you can choose to Accept or Reject any pending appointments.
As consulting doctor – a patient has booked an appointment with you.
  • My Consults ->Select Patient -> Clinical Dashboard
As treating doctor – a patient has selected you as a “treating doctor”.
  • My Patients ->Select Patient -> Clinical Dashboard
You can view pending appointments in My Messages. Go to Main Dashboard > My Messages > Appointments. Here you can choose to Accept or Reject any pending appointments.

Patient – FAQs

By going to your profile -> selecting the treating HPs tab
Yes. Whether it is multiple GP’s, a physio, a dietitian it is possible to select multiple health professionals.
You have the ability to upload documents to your profile. To do so got to Dashboard > My History > Scroll to the bottom > Other Medical Records > You can upload images or pdf files.
If you can't see your pharmacy, you can manually enter it's details via the APP.
You must have a standard consult with one of our doctors first. Once a script has been provided to you via telehealth, you can then request a repeat script in the APP. Schedule 8 drugs – Schedule 8 Controlled Drug medications and drugs of addiction can not be prescribed via telehealth. This includes codeine, S8 drugs, opioids or sleeping tablets. It is inappropriate to prescribe any such medication in this manner due to the potential for addiction and misuse. It is not possible for our GPs to provide any S8 medications, please do not proceed to book a video consultation if you are seeking such medication as your consultation fee with the GP will not be refunded. Abuse by patients to our Doctors seeking these medications will not be tolerated.
Currently there is no Medicare rebate for telehealth appointments for GPs. For more information and MBS please visit:
Yes, if a doctor provides you with a Medical Certificate it will automatically be sent to your email address.
You have to provide the Phenix Telehealth APP permission to access your phone's camera and image library. On Android devices you are asked when you first open the APP. On iOS devices you are asked when you attempt to use one of these features. There permissions can be altered in your devices settings at anytime.
All of our doctors are AHPRA registered and insured.

General – FAQs

When you sign in to a device you will automatically be signed out of the last device you were logged in. If this occurs without you it is recommended to change your password or contact the Phenix Health staff on 1300 900 863.
Yes absolutely, Phenix Telehealth services can be use across any state in Australia, in-fact it can be used worldwide!
Whilst we recommend using WiFi for the best experience, it is not required for a consultation. However you do need access to the internet from your mobile/tablet device.
To reset your password: Select ‘Forgot Password?’ on the Login screen. Enter the email address you created your account with. Check your email inbox for an email from us to reset your password.
Please check your email junk folder, if you still have not received an email please contact our support team via our contact form online or by calling 1300 900 863.
Your account on the Phenix Telehealth app will be activated and ready to use as soon as you login using your temporary password.
To create an account: 1. Download Phenix Telehealth on your smartphone or tablet. 2. Select ‘Register’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. 3. Enter your details and select ‘register’ to confirm. 4. A temporary password will be sent to your preferred email
To edit your personal information: Login to the Phenix Telehealth app and login to your account. Under your dashboard select your profile picture. You will be taken to your profile information where you will be able to edit your details.
No, Currently there is not a desktop version of the app.
You may have deleted it or moved it within your phone. You can ensure you have it downloaded by visiting the Apple Store and Google Play Store on your smart phone or tablet. Search for ‘Phenix Telehealth’
Yes! All your information is kept securely within our servers not within the APP itself. Your information is accessible from any device that can download the APP. However we recommend signing out of the APP if it is not your personal device.
A few tips to resolve this might be:
  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet
  • Did you enable Phenix Telehealth to access your data connection?
  • Turn off your mobile phone/tablet and turn it back on again Is your APP updated?
  • Have you tried uninstalling it? and reinstalling it?
While they are not required, it is recommended. Audio from your headphones and microphone become significantly clearer, allowing for the consultation to run more efficiently.

Technical Requirements – FAQs

This is more to do with your internet speed and what capacity it has for simultaneous internet usage. We are a software as a service provider with high availability therefore we can handle any amount of telehealth video calls.
All data pertaining to a definition of EHR is stored into PH Australian server, which includes doctor notes, history, device data readings, medications, reports, transaction history, personal preferences (pharmacy details, treating doctor).
All health records are owned by the patient and are only hosted by PH, and are under patient’s control, our servers are based in Australia, so Australian EHR (E Health Records) rules are applicable.
All clinical data is stored on the server, it is based on DYG (download as you go) module. Currently Data in motion is encrypted with a 256bit layer SSL encryption, we will be applying similar encryption on Data at rest, in future releases. All passwords are currently encrypted in MD5# which is secure one way encryption (password cannot be recovered if lost, only reset).
Phenix Health provides regular updates, patches, downtime is approximately:
  • Patches ; 5-10 Minutes
  • Upgrades : 10-15 Minutes
All inbound and outbound access to the Database as restricted to one Unit Server, which manages all connections to it via a secure SSL 256 Bit encryption Link.
Phenix Health uses Amazons AWS Shield as 1st Line of protection currently one of best the the market for DDoS protection.
Software as a Service
Yes we have open API's for more information please contact us.